Chopper series KHM...

KHM on 80 km/h running gear with tandem axle

Production of high-quality-chips of
• all types of woody plants
• pruned-off branches of trees and bushes
• bulky refuse without metal parts

Chopping of
• plastics of car recycling, industry and household
• DSD-plastic (except foils)
• paper and cardboard

special features:
  • defined crushing
  • exchangeable sieve inserts (20 - 80 mm)
  • optimized throughput
  • two available infeed versions:
        - upper and lower slat conveyor
        - lower slat conveyor and two
          upper infeed rolls (tandem prinziple)
  • usage of different rotor blades according to
    initial product (form & material of rotor blades)

drive options:
  • power take-off from Unimog tractor, etc.
  • diesel engine
  • electric motor

superstructure variations:
  • 25-km/h-running gear incl. three-point linkage
  • 80-km/h-running gear with tandem axle
  • unroll chassis
  • stationary assembly
  • assembly on skidder for forest
    (with storage tank if desired)
  • special solutions

KHM on unroll chassis

KHM with power take-off



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