Advantages of KUC:
• sophisticated and
  expressive design
• low space usage
• reduced noise and odour
• quick and cheap
• practical construction
   and easy handling

receiving shaft from galvanized metal or sandwich plate
  also with 2-component-varnishing
platform alternatively of step reliable aluminum,
  galvanized chequer plate or galvanized steel sheet
  construction with recycled rubber coating
container made of galvanized metal
• sound absorbent because of usage of Sandwich plate or
  rubberized hull (for used glass)
• waterproof reinforced concrete shaft
• angular shaft top, to prevent entering of surface moisture
• cover plate of reinforced concrete shaft equipped with
  gas pressure shearing lift platform, alternatively
  cover plate compound with concrete counterbalance

collecting of
• used glass
• domestic waste
• beverage and food tins
• paper

capacities of container:
 - 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 cbm

new style   waste collection systems...